Residential Insurance Claims

The insurance claims process can be highly complicated and confusing to many home owners. Troon Roofing and Troon Restoration specializes in simplifying the claims process for you so that you can continue your day-to-day lives. We help handle the claim process from the beginning all the way up till the completion of construction and final walk through. Troon will meet with the adjuster to help identify damage from the perspective of a licensed general contractor as well as complete all aspects of construction. We alleviate the headaches for home owners who would otherwise have to negotiate with the insurance companies themselves.

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Initial Inspection
Troon Restoration inspects the entire property including the Roofing system(s), Exterior Wall Systems, Windows, HVAC Systems, Fencing, and all other miscellaneous items of repair due to damages that may have occurred. Then we report to the home owner our findings, along with Photos of any visible damages.
Owner determines if the claim is warranted. If Claim is deemed necessary, owner will call the Insurance Co. to start the claim process. The insurance co. should respond in 24-48 hours with an adjuster meeting. Upon confirmation of adjuster meeting time the home owner should notify Troon of date and time of adjuster meeting.
Adjustment Meeting
Troon along with the adjuster, will inspect the property so that any and all damage can be identified so that a full damage assessment can be created. Some adjustment meeting may have actually take days to inspect and complete. It is  important for this meeting to take place with your contractor and the adjuster at the same time so there is not a series of back and forth negotiating on what the insurance company will allow for repairs.
Bidding and Scope of Project
Troon Restoration will work with the adjuster to determine the scope of work. Troon will assist with all bidding and will in some cases will assist with writing the scope of the work that the insurance company may need to process settlement. This process takes a lot of time and effort and if not handled by a contractor the home owner may find that they are forced to handle this process on their own. We help identify and determine an agreeable price and scope of work, saving homeowners a tremendous amount of time.
After scope of work and settlement price is agreed by the insurance company and Troon Restoration, it becomes the scope of work that will be performed by Troon. We will only include items that the insurance company agrees to pay, unless otherwise agreed with the home owner.
Construction Phase
Troon Restoration will coordinate all construction scheduling and repairs with the home owner. We will notify all owners of what they can expect during the construction process and when they will have any services performed. Any changes to the scope of work will be discussed with the homeowner. If there are any items that are discovered during the construction process that were unknown at the time of the adjustment, Troon will document and inform the appropriate parties.
Final Walk Through Inspection
After completion of work, Troon will walk the entire project with the owner to insure the work performed was satisfactory. We take great pride in having a safe and clean construction environment and will make sure that the job site is cleaned and free of construction debris.
Invoices and Completion Certifications
After the final walk through, Troon Restoration will produce invoices to the home owner on all completed work. Troon will forward these invoices and the certificate of completion to the insurance company for release of depreciation and the final payment.
Troon Restoration will provide workmanship warranties on all applicable trades and the product manufactures will provide material warranties were applicable. Please contact Troon Restoration directly for warranty details, some warranties may require purchase.
Summarize Home Owner’s Work
1. Allow Troon Restoration  to inspect the home
2. Call insurance company to make claim
3. Chose colors / materials were applicable
4. Inspect completed work